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Forum best ceiling paint

Painting is a lot more complex than it seems at first glance, and bathrooms are one of the toughest areas to find a good paint for. Below are some of the best paints for bathroom ceiling repairs and coverage that we could find, suitable for both the first-time painter and long-time DIY enthusiasts.

Related Review; Paint for Kitchen Cabinets. This stain-covering spray acts as a paint primer, sealer and finish in a single can, taking as little as thirty minutes to dry under ideal conditions. Every ml can of Zinsser Cover Up be used to either coat a ceiling in one thin layer, or target a specific area with multiple coats to completely cover up small spots of heavy damage, acting as both a fresh layer of white paint and a permanent sealant paint for bathroom ceiling stains.

This anti-moisture paint is designed to protect your bathroom ceiling from mold, mildew and other general types of moisture damage, and can either be layered over an existing coat of paint or used on a fresh, bare surface.

Each gallon-sized can of Perma-White can be used to carry out multiple coats on an average-sized bathroom ceiling, or used for a single coat and stored for later use without making the leftover paint unusable. As a water-based paint, it dries much faster than oil-based paints, even after multiple coats. This paint is great for humid environments, which could make it the best paint for bathroom ceiling repairs and protection if you need something that dries quickly.

This, combined with its durability against fading, chipping and general abrasion easily makes it a contender for the best paint for bathroom ceiling protection, not to mention the fact that it can be applied to a variety of surfaces including metal, concrete, stone, and even treated wood. The satin finish provides a glossy, sheen-free look that stops light from reflecting into your eyes, making it a viable choice for a full overhaul of your bathroom ceiling.

This paint is simple, protective and easy to apply, making it useful for protecting weaker surfaces. This Rust-Oleum spray provides quick-drying, easy-to-apply protection to any surface, covering up to fifteen square feet if spread in an even coat. The paint itself has been carefully created to resist weather, chip damage, abrasion, natural corrosion and a variety of cleaning chemicals, making it useful for short-notice repairs and as a way to prepare freshly-installed ceilings for rough cleaning.

The any-angle design of the can allows it to spray normally when held in any direction, even upside down, giving you a way to spray it behind permanently-installed appliances and fixtures in your bathroom.

Combining it with a regular tin of Rust-Oleum's paint can provide you with plenty of flexibility in how you cover your ceiling, but it can also be used as a standalone product to layer over regular paint if needed. This spray can help quickly cover up and protect areas of your ceiling that suddenly start to get moldy or cracked. This water-based paint acts as a combined sealer, primer, stain coverer, and odor blocker all in one, offering an incredible level of protection from a single 1-gallon can.

It's resistant to all kinds of damage, ranging from common hazards like water and rust to things like smoke, grease, ink, and even pencil markings, and works as a powerful seal for extra layers of paint.

Each can covers around three-to-four-hundred square feet, meaning that a single can could last for months — or even years — of bathroom repairs and repaints.

When it comes to finding the best paint for bathroom ceiling overhauls, KLIZ MAX definitely stands out due to its extremely high resistance to a variety of damages, but it can also apply to multiple different surface materials: wood, bare brick, tiles, drywall and even things like painted metal or glass.

The eggshell finish keeps the sheen and light glare low without going as far as matte, still giving you a slight shine that can help reflect light around the room better in bathrooms with small windows or weaker lights.Aug 14, PaintsProduct Review 0 comments.

Which is the best trade vinyl matt emulsion to use on walls and ceilings? As decorators we get asked this question regularly. The truth is, although we all have our preferences, some products are just better than others.

For a comparison of all three click here. Or if you want the opinions of some honest decorators, keep reading!! The first bit of advice is to stick to trade paint as opposed to retail.

We asked members of the Decorators Forum to tell us what they think is the best trade vinyl matt emulsion on the market.

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This is what they came back with —. I use these products because they are very good value for money and stocked by my local supplier. Click here to visit. Armstead for walls and ceilings. It is also a flat matt finish. My go to emulsion for walls and ceilings is Armstead. I use Armstead products because they have fantastic coverage and leave a great finish.

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After contacting Akzonobel, they said it was a common problem and to put a basecoat of midsheen on first. My go to emulsion for walls and ceilings are Johnstones Covaplus on the ceilings and Armstead durable on the walls. My go to paint for walls and ceilings are Johnstones and Crown on the walls, Johnstones on the ceilings.

BEST Ceiling Paint - Professional Painters #1 Choice!

I use these products because they both supply a good range of paints and finishes. I was a dulux man for many years but found price to high also some issues with staff who had no idea what they were selling. I buy directly from Dulux Decorating Centres. I use these products because they have never let me down. The prices are amazing from my supplier and they really cut down on the time spent on jobs increasing my productivity and therefore putting more cash in my till.

Johnstones walls…. Johnstones ceiling, because it has good coverage, sensible price, ability to mix in any colour and covaplus Matt does not crack over caulk. As mentioned above, the Paintshed is probably the cheapest place online to buy it. Armstead has gone downhill over the past couple of years. Dulux is too expensive and the sheen level is too high. Crown is good but it marks too easily. Professional decorator Mike Gregory gives a full Shellac based primer review and compares the best three products to help you decide what to buy.

Children at Ride High will now be able to take advantage of the donation. Decorator Nick Jennings gives a full and honest Mirka sander and extractor review.

He calls on his experience using the brand over the past 3 years. Best Emulsion for Walls Ceilings — a comparison of the best trade vinyl matt emulsions on the market.

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Your email address will not be published.After all, most people will never look directly at the ceiling for more than a second or two. That would be wrong. The finish of your ceiling is an essential part of any painting job. If nothing else, it will help to ensure that all surfaces match in terms of their age and quality.

Clean off the dust and cobwebs, scrape off that old paint, and go the extra mile to complete the job using one of the best ceiling paints listed below. If you want to get the best ceiling paint, Benjamin Moore is off the charts. Most painters and especially I absolutely love this paint due to its ultra-flat qualities.

Benjamin Moore produces excellent results. Not only does this ensure minimal reflection, but it also serves to cover up small blemishes with greater effectiveness than its glossier counterparts.

Most reviews seem to be positive, with few exceptions. The mildew-resistant nature of this paint is a nice bonus. In terms of price, this one is a little more expensive than the others. However, the difference in price is too small to be a great worry.

forum best ceiling paint

The product claims to be formulated in such a way that it will not splatter as easily as other paints. Obviously, this is a good thing when you are painting upside-down. This paint is available in the standard white color, but it can also be obtained in any custom color that you may desire.

This is a pretty good thing, but it does come with a downside. I think you already know that Benjamin Moore is the best ceiling paint brand.

And this is its another one great ceiling paint. Muresco is very popular among both home users and professional painters including me.Which paint you choose depends upon a few different things. Take a few hints from us and choose the perfect paint for the job. The easiest paints to use are latex-based options. They dry the quickest and are the simplest to apply. Most are color changing, meaning that although it looks pink or blue when applied, it will turn to the actual color of the paint you bought when dry.

That way you, can see if you missed any spots more easily. For ceilings under 8 feet, use paint that is two shades lighter. If you want to draw the ceiling down, you can try adding a wide border of paint. This border should be the same color as the wall around the outer edges. It should also include a rectangle in the center of another color.

If you want the opposite effect, try a contrasting color for the border. Most ceilings are textured, and flat-finished paint makes that texture less noticeable. The last thing you want is for mold or mildew to start to grow on your beautiful new paint job.

For bathroom ceilings, or ceilings where moisture is often present, use a mold and mildew-proof ceiling paint. Use pre-mixed popcorn ceiling patch paint. It can be applied with a standard paintbrush and blends in perfectly with a textured ceiling. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us. This website may use cookies to deliver its services and track user engagement. By using this website, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our revised Cookie Policyrevised Privacy Policyand revised Terms Of Service.

Your use of this website is subject to these policies and terms. Albany Corvallis Eugene Call Today. Easy to Apply The easiest paints to use are latex-based options. Best Ceiling Paint Colors White is a great color to open up the ceiling and make it look wider. Specialized Paints The last thing you want is for mold or mildew to start to grow on your beautiful new paint job. Need to just touch up an area of paint that has ripped on a textured ceiling?

Ready to Get Painting? With these tips, you can pick the best ceiling paint for the job.

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Contact Us. Contact Us Fitzpatrick Painting Inc. CCB Follow Us. Where we are. Where We Are Get Directions.Use the best ceiling paint, it will make your work A LOT easier. We took a fresh look at all the ceiling paint and here is our review for Save time and money: only do one coat. This requires an excellent quality ceiling paint. Working and looking up is the hardest thing a painter does on a daily basis. There are two things you might not know about how ceiling paint works.

The best ceiling paint has stain blocking power that wall paint does not have. If you want to read less, here is the quickie version…just on the top two ceiling paints. Even if my customers are on a budget, I explain, and they understand that it saves money to use the somewhat pricey Waterborne Ceiling Paint Ultra Flat from Benjamin Moore. It dries with a very good final thickness of 1. You can check the price online here. The best ceiling paints hold their color or whiteness longer.

The paint you see shown here is a high-quality, ultra-flat latex ceiling white paint that does not yellowand that covers the old paint in one coat. It will hide and cover most yellowing, aging, and the stray puck mark from when you were playing hockey inside.

Well, puck marks need 2 coats! How to paint a ceiling with many marks? Spot prime with the best primer for this type of work. If the old ceiling is off-white or white, this paint covers in one coat.

Non-white surfaces will need a primer first, or two coats of ceiling paint: a hard-fast rule when changing colors. You probably have some sort of stain or marks up there, right? Over the years, the old paint has yellowed. Sure, but unlike the paints in my review here, normal paints contain an average amount of solids and no stain blockers unless they say so.

Use a good roller and check out my tip below for saving enormous time if you are also doing the walls. If you use white wall paint instead of ceiling white paint, prime your stains first with a good stain-blocking primer. You definitely need a primer to hide the tape from the rest of the sheetrock, but then you only need one coat of the Ben Moore I reviewed above. But this is the one and only time that new sheetrock only needs two coats primer plus a quality ceiling paint.

The chemists at these companies know you want to cover yellowing and stains.There are many factors to consider when choosing an interior paint.

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You not only have to pick a color but have to choose a finish and a brand as well. A coat of interior paint, along with some new decor, can give a room an entire new look and feel.

Choose your favorite color and work that into your decor and choose a neutral interior paint tone to match. Use the following guide to choose the best interior paint for your space. Behr Marquee 1 gal. More than 3, consumers claim this is their top choice in interior paints because it is a paint and primer all in one, thus saving time on their painting projects. This paint is available in more than 1, colors. When you're looking to complete your interior paint job on a budget, Glidden Essentials 1 gal.

forum best ceiling paint

White Flat Interior Paint is a great bargain. The basic paint in the Glidden Essentials line is the flat white, but it does come in a variety of colors and finishes. This paint is good for low traffic areas in the home. It covers well and is washable. This paint and primer in one will spruce up any room. This fast-drying interior paint can be applied with a roller, brush, or sprayer.

The best method for painting ceilings with a roller

Buyers can choose from semi-gloss, matte, or satin finish. Its stain-blocking technology and exceptional coverage make Emerald Interior Acrylic Latex Paint one of the best quality interior paints on the market.

forum best ceiling paint

This paint provides resistance to spotting and streaking and prevents the growth of mildew. Consumers that have used this paint are highly satisfied with the coverage.

Only one coat is needed, even to cover existing dark colors. For those that love to restore old furniture and give it a distressed or vintage look, Rust-Oleum Ultra Matte Interior Chalked Paint 30 oz, Linen White has a nice flat finish. This paint dries in just 30 minutes, making project completion that much quicker.

This paint covers nicely, not only on wood surfaces but on canvas, metal, and ceramic too. The Behr Premium Plus 1 gal. This paint is highly rated among its users for its easy application, coverage, and how fast it dries.

forum best ceiling paint

Once on walls, consumers are also pleased with its stain-resistance.Discussion in ' Coating it up - Help what's the best paint for? Log in or Sign up. Painters Pit Stop - Decorators Forums.

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Learn More. What is your go to Ceiling Paint? Painter16Jul 26, Not had a problem with johnos vinyl Matt although not used it for 6 months or so due to exterior work.

10 Best Paints for Bathroom Ceilings in 2020

Also used crown in the past and that wasn't bad. Mind you've only got one eye and I'm colour blind! WaynettaJul 26, Peter HumphreysPainter16 and mistcoat like this.

Noticed a few mentioned MacPherson's Eclipse a while back so I've been using that recently and really happy with it on my ceilings. Dries nice and flat with outstanding opacity, even when thinned on new plaster.

Pretty good price as well! G-DecJul 26, Painter16 likes this. GazzaJul 26, Tess RigbyPainter16 and barry like this.

Macphersons Eclipse for me too, covers great and cheap. Got away with a few oncers with it too! DesignanddecorJul 26, BM is the only one that doesn't 'flash'. All the others do, nothing comes close to it on low large ceilings, with spots, letting in lots of light in. YTS 83'Jul 26, Tess RigbyPeter HumphreysPainter16 and 1 other person like this. Never had issues with it. Also, I know it is from Johnstone's and you're not interested, but the Leyland Contract when I used it last was the doggies on a "sparkler" job I had to do.

That was nearly a one coat on the lids and walls. The walls were in a lavender colour if I recall and the maggie nearly blitzed it. Now though, it is BM ceiling paint unless I am going over artex, same as Bobbones does. Tess Rigby and Painter16 like this.


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