2m033 air force reddit

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2m033 air force reddit

Rocket and Missile technicians! These military members are some of the brightest to understand the inner workings of rockets, missiles, guidance systems, space systems and more. Many of these pieces of equipment also are part of the transportation systems that are attached for nuclear weapons and other high grade explosives.

This important The men and women who must maintain, operate, and supervise maintenance on ground and air missiles, unmanned air vehicles UAVspacelift boosters, payload guidance and control systems, and subsystems handle top secret equipment and must be able to pass high level security clearance - SSBI level.

These high level security clearances are so the men and women of Missile and Space Systems Electronic Maintenance can monitor, analyze, and compile system performance data.

They also perform the following duties:. Details of the duties and responsibilities are the following:. Knowledge is mandatory of electronic theory, circuitry, and schematic diagrams; and electronic principles of missiles, UAVs, spacelift boosters, and payloads. For entry into this specialty, completion of high school with courses in mathematics and physics is desirable. Also, experience in functions such as maintaining or operating missiles, boosters, or UAVs.

The following are mandatory as indicated: For entry into this specialty, normal color vision as defined in AFIMedical Examination and Standards. Strength Req : G. Physical Profile : Citizenship : Yes.

Technical Training: 59 days. Careers Air Force Jobs. By Full Bio. Rod Powers was the U. Read The Balance's editorial policies. Continue Reading.Updated: Nov Maintains, operates, and supervises maintenance on ground and air missiles, spacelift boosters, payloads, guidance and control systems, and subsystems.

Monitors, analyzes, and compiles system performance data.

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Performs and supervises maintenance on automated and manual electronic test, launch control, checkout, and support equipment SE. Total: Monitors, operates, and supervises operation of consoles, fault display panels, and checkout equipment. Monitors status of air-launched cruise missiles, intercontinental ballistic missile ICBMspace lift boosters, payloads, subsystems, and SE. Operates or oversees checkout and test equipment operation.

Supervises and performs missile, space lift booster, and payload systems maintenance and launch processing. Coordinates and oversees activities of contractor personnel during space launch activities. Operates, calibrates, inspects, maintains, or oversees these actions on missiles, missile and aircraft integration systems, aerospace vehicle equipment, operational ground equipment, automated and manual test equipment, space lift boosters, and payloads.

Diagnoses flight data gathered during operational and test launches. Performs ICBM coding activities.

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Performs or assists malfunction analysis and repair of missile, space lift booster, and payload systems and subsystems. Determines system status. Operates or supervises operation of automated and manual test and checkout equipment to include performing calibrations.

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Disassembles, inspects, services, and replaces components and wiring. Modifies and repairs airframe and surfaces.


Reassembles and verifies repairs, or supervises these actions on electronic components of cruise missiles, ICBMs, space lift boosters, and payloads. Maintains technical orders and publication files. Records findings. Performs or supervises maintenance on electronic equipment, and coordinates launch processing and maintenance activities. Performs or supervises electronic equipment maintenance.

Missile and Space Facilities

Uses or monitors use of manual and automatic checkout and test equipment to check integrated missile, space lift booster, payload systems, subsystems, and related electronic equipment. Designs, maintains, modifies and operates support equipment such as data acquisition devices, fiber optic, instrumentation, vacuum systems and environmental control systems.

Knowledge is mandatory of electronic theory, circuitry, and schematic diagrams; and electronic principles of missiles, space lift boosters, and payloads. For entry into this specialty, completion of high school with courses in mathematics and physics is desirable. If you have questions or comments relating to enlisting in the Air Force, please head over to the Forever Wingman Facebook group.

If you prefer a little more privacy, then feel free to email me at Josh foreverwingman. It may take a little longer to respond, but I TRY to reply to all emails. Duty Badge. Missile Badge Demographics. Male Female 59 7. For Entry Into This Specialty. Strength 40 lbs Shredout A - 70 lbs.Updated: Oct Performs and manages maintenance, inspection, storage, handling, modification, accountability, custody, and repair of nuclear weapons, weapon components, associated equipment, and general or specialized test and handling equipment.

Total: Inspects, assembles, disassembles, maintains, and modifies nuclear weapons, bombs, missiles, reentry vehicles and systems, launchers, pylons, penetration aids, and associated test and handling equipment. Maintains and operates associated permissive action link equipment.

Troubleshoots and maintains test sets. Resolves maintenance problems, interprets publications, and submits deficiency reports on faulty components. Writes, reviews, and recommends improvements to technical data and equipment. Stores, handles, and transports nuclear warheads, bombs, missiles, reentry vehicles and systems, penetration aids, and associated equipment. Inspects, maintains, and operates vehicles and munitions material handling equipment used to transport and handle nuclear weapons and components.

Complies with nuclear, missile, explosive, and general safety measures; weapons systems safety rules; and technical orders. Observes, complies with, and enforces two-person concept and no-lone zone requirements. Performs emergency disablement or evacuation of nuclear weapons and components. Inspects, maintains, and develops rotation schedules for high security locks and keys.

Assists in performing operational checks on alarm systems. Stores, inspects, maintains, and uses small arms and ammunition.

Performs escort duties. Performs limited conventional munitions functions associated with North Atlantic Treaty Organization custodial detachments. Plans, organizes, directs, inspects, and evaluates nuclear weapon activities, and performs nuclear weapon functions.

Plans, schedules, inspects, and evaluates nuclear weapon maintenance actions, including related components to include Nuclear Weapons Related Material and specialized test and handling equipment.

Performs maintenance reporting, weapons inventory, accountability, and verification procedures using the Defense Integration and Management of Nuclear Data Services computer system. Establishes production control, performance standards, and maintenance priorities. Coordinates maintenance actions with other maintenance and munitions organizations.

Ensures conformance to prescribed standards of quality, safety, and security. Conducts periodic inspections to provide assistance in solving maintenance and supply problems. Performs production and visual inspections.

Knowledge is mandatory of: electrical and mechanical principles; safety and security requirements for nuclear weapons; interpreting block diagrams and technical orders; and proper handling, use, and disposal of hazardous waste and materials.

For entry into this specialty, completion of high school or General Educational Development equivalency is mandatory. Courses in mechanics, physics, or basic electricity are desirable. If you have questions or comments relating to enlisting in the Air Force, please head over to the Forever Wingman Facebook group.Missile and Space Facility Specialists in the Air Force are responsible for the maintenance and repair of missile and spacelift support systems and equipment.

Specifically, they work on intercontinental ballistic missile ICBM weapon systems. These airmen keep ICBM launch facilities and all the related equipment ready for any needed operations. This is highly technical work that is critical to the Air Force's space mission. These airmen install, operate, maintain and repair an array of space and missile systems, including power generation and distribution systems, environmental controls and associated support systems, and equipment for missile, spacelift, and research and development facilities.

The equipment they work on may include diesel generators, automatic switching units, battery systems, environmental control systems, and air conditioning units.

They're also responsible for analyzing any equipment malfunctions and determining whether the equipment is ready for operation. They may oversee the activities of contractors during space launch activity, test electrical circuits, security and fire warning systems, and perform inspections on special vehicles.

These airmen need to have knowledge of electrical, mechanical, and pneumatic principles. They should know how to interpret technical orders, workflow diagrams, blueprints, and schematics. Candidates for this job should have a high school diploma with courses in mathematics and physics.

Once enlisted in the Air Force, you'll need to complete a specific basic 3 level missile and space facilities course. Airmen in this job handle highly sensitive equipment and need to be able to qualify for a top-secret security clearance. This involves a check of finances and criminal activity, and a history of drug or alcohol abuse may be disqualifying. A history of emotional instability also may be disqualifying.

Missile and space facility specialists must be U. And if you have a fear of heights, this is not the job for you; it's a regular part of the job. Careers Air Force Jobs. By Full Bio. Rod Powers was the U. Read The Balance's editorial policies. Continue Reading.The cut comes as more airmen take advantage of the benefit, which the Air Force said could strain its budget. Brian T. Kelly, deputy chief of staff for manpower, personnel and services, said in a statement Tuesday. The Air Force had 80, service members use the benefit in as of last week, and expects a similar number inAir Force Times reported.

The tuition limit applies to both undergraduate and graduate classes. Waivers are available for unusual circumstances, such as a required lab class exceeding the limit by one semester hour or two quarter hours, or for those working on an unusual degree deadline, the statement said. Airmen may also research other funding opportunities, such as scholarships and grants, and consider standardized testing to help minimize expenses, the statement said.

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Service members may apply for assistance up to 45 days before their classes begin. Home News U. Air Force tuition assistance to drop in because of budget concerns.

Cyber Command has sought to disrupt the world's largest botnet, hoping to reduce its potential impact on the election. Iran-backed militias offer truce for US troop withdrawal from Iraq. Former NJ governor Chris Christie says he's out of the hospital. Doctor says Trump no longer at risk of transmitting virus.Specialty Summary. Included are power generation and distribution systems such as diesel generators, automatic switching units, manual switching gear, distribution and control panels, battery systems, and associated controls; environmental control systems; air conditioning, heating, ventilation, and refrigerant systems; and spacelift support systems and associated equipment.

Services SE dealing with fuel, lubricants, hydraulic fluids, and air. Analyzes support facility and equipment malfunctions, and determines operational readiness. Solves interface problems between electrical and electronic equipment. Repairs or supervises maintenance of accessories and components of direct support and real-property installed equipment. Coordinates activities of contractor personnel during space launch activities.

Performs acquisition and activation activities. Performs facility and support equipment tests, adjustments, and maintenance. Diagnoses malfunctions and repairs mechanical, electrical and electronic circuitry, and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment using visual and auditory senses, test equipment, systems knowledge and technical publications.

Monitors or operates fault display, checkout panels, and test stands to detect system and component malfunctions. Tests electrical circuits and security, gas detection and fire warning systems, and auxiliary power equipment for readiness. Performs inspections and operates special vehicles. Specialty Qualifications : Knowledge.

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For entry into this specialty, completion of high school with courses in mathematics and physics is desirable. For the award of AFSC 2M, completion of the basic 3 level missile and space facilities course is mandatory. You do not have to be registered to upload.

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Video Anyone have some information about this. She's a Sgt first class but wears ABUs v. Meme Experiences may vary i. Question Am I a dirtbag?

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